About AOUI

BRAND  | Professional indoor flooring manufacturer in China since 1995 
TECHENOLOGY  |  By independently developing patented technology and using medical and ECO material --TPU
PRODUCT  |  It is widely used in badminton, table tennis, volleyball, basketball and other indoor sports venues, providing high-quality products and services for top international and domestic competitions, as well as many professional venues and events such as China national badminton team training base
STATEGIC  |  Offers the professional sports field solutions and provides OEM/ODM services for domestic and international well-known brands 
MISSION  |  Sticks to technological innovation and environmental protection. Focus on product development and improvement with artisan spirit.Aspire to become the first brand for environmental protection
VISION  |  Expects to take root in the market with quality products, and provide the truly environmental, comfortable and safe sports space to users.Make exercise healthier



TPU:Thermoplastic polyurethanes.Due to its outstanding physical and chemical properties, it has been widely used in blood bags (environmental protection), communication cable (weather resistance), automobile brake (wear resistance) and so on.

AOUI as the unique manufacturer apply the TPU material in sports flooring.The features of  ECOTPU series:

Green and environment-friendly | Apply the TPU environmental-friendly material and can be bio-degraded disposal

No pungent odour | Non-plasticizer, Non heavy metal,Non-formaldehyde

Save energy effectively | The surface have high reflectance

Long-lasting  | The life time is three times than the PVC flooring